A Letter to My Best Friend’s Boyfriend

If there is one person that I wish I could give all the happiness in the world to, it’s my best friend. She is the peanut butter to my jelly, the Buzz to my Woody, the Monica to my Rachel. She’s my partner in crime and lady love for the rest of eternity. She makes me the happiest person in the world, so it’s only fitting that she deserves to find someone who makes her that happy, too.


Dear Boyfriend of my Best Friend,

You’ve been with my girl for a while now. I have to admit, when you first started dating I wasn’t so sure about this relationship. Not that I thought you were a bad guy for her, I never thought that. No, I was skeptical because she deserves a special kind of love. And I honestly wasn’t sure if you were going to meet MY expectations on what she deserves (because let’s be honest, my expectations are pretty high). I was afraid of watching her get her heart broken all over again. See, she comes off as indestructible, and most of the time she is, but if she lets you into that special place in her heart, you have the ability to absolutely destroy her. I’ve watched it happen. I never want to see that happen again. So, when she told me the two of you had started dating, I was preparing myself to protect her all over again.

Now that I’ve watched your relationship grow, I no longer have that fear. I see the way you look at her, the way you care for her, the way you love her. I just want to say thank you.

Thank you for caring about her in a way no other guy had the courage to.

Thank you for sending her random texts when she’s out with friends just to tell her you love her. I can see the smile that comes across her face as soon as she reads them.

Thank you for showing her how a man can be faithful, kind, gentle, and honest… all things her past boyfriends didn’t do.

Thank you for making her laugh. God, I missed that laugh. Not that she didn’t laugh before, but this one is different. It’s her happy laugh.

Thank you for helping her feel confident in who she is. For encouraging her and making her feel beautiful every day.

Thank you for understanding that she and I are a package deal, and that with her comes many nights where I end up lying in bed with her, bitching about life, while you sit in the living room without ever complaining.

Thank you for accepting our weird. For not judging us when you come home and we’re dancing on the bed and blaring music, or when I sit in the bathroom and talk to her while she showers, or even when we make super impulsive decisions that usually end badly.

Thank you for understanding that we need each other. Sometimes we just need to be with one another, no matter what time it is… but you never complain and you never make a big deal out of it.  You accept it and understand and I am so grateful to you for that.

Most importantly, thank you for loving her as much as I do. I have always known that she was special. She is one of the most genuine, caring, empathetic, and beautiful people I have ever met. I have been praying for someone to come along and see all of the good and wonderful things about her that I do, and then she met you. I have never seen her this happy in all of the years we’ve been together. A large part of that is because of the happiness she has found with you.

So thank you. Thank you for being her other person. Thank you for loving her in a way that lights her soul on fire. Thank you for making her realize how beautiful and amazing she really is. You are all I’ve ever wanted for her and more. I can never tell you enough how grateful I am that she found you.


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