My Thoughts Post-Election.

Just two days ago, America elected Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. I have sat and pondered what I wanted to say, unable to come up with the words that describe how I am feeling. Some of the country is ecstatic. They are celebrating. Others, like myself and many people very dear to me, are saddened, scared, angry. There will always be a losing candidate in every election, but I was so hoping it would be him.

Many of my friends are afraid. Afraid for their rights. Afraid for their lives. Afraid for this country. I, too, am afraid of what may come in the next four years. However, this post is not about fear. This is not about hate. This is not about sadness.

This is about hope. This is about where we go from here. This is my letter to everyone who is afraid, furious, worried.

In the darkest of times, we must hold on to hope. We must believe that there will be good. That there are decent, loving, and compassionate people like us who will fight with us to protect our fellow brothers and sisters who are afraid. We must have faith that our government will hold true to the values and progress this country has made. We must understand that just because our President-Elect has spewed words and actions of hatred, does not mean that all of our country will do the same.

The truth is, we really don’t have any idea what will happen after January. We don’t have any damn idea what Mr. Trump will do once he gets into the Oval Office. Is that frightening? Completely. I am so scared for the future of this country and the future of the people I love. But this is where we come in.

We should be motivated, more so than ever, to make a change in this world. We should be standing ready on the battlefield to fight to the death for our rights and the rights of the people we care about.

This does not mean we use violence or hatred to do so. That completely contradicts what we are standing for. The rioting needs to stop. The hatred needs to stop. The mudslinging needs to stop. Violence and hatred are not the answer here. Love is. Acceptance is. Standing up for what we believe in, what we know to be true and right, can be done without hatred. Do not give in. Do not stoop the level of the people you are so afraid of. Be brave. Be passionate. Do not hate.

This is NOT the end. I refuse to accept that. This is the beginning of an amazing fight for love and acceptance. I know that, when the time comes, I have friends and family who will fight to protect the lives and rights of the people around them.

I don’t know about you, but I will work my ass off to spread love, acceptance, and compassion. Our nation is so filled with hatred, racism, sexism, homophobia… and I refuse to be a participant in allowing that. I will love every person, regardless of their race, regardless of the sexuality, regardless of gender…. I will love. I will choose love. Every day.

To every person of color, Muslim, Mexican, woman, trans person, the LGBT+ community, sexual assault victim, disabled person, POW, and any others who are afraid… I love you. I identify with you. I support you. When the time comes for us to fight, to protect ourselves, we WILL win. Love is more powerful than hatred. We will NOT lose. We are stronger than hatred. We are stronger than we ever believed we were.

We WILL make it through these next four years. And if there is ever a moment where you feel you won’t, where you feel like you can’t fight anymore, I will fight for you.


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